Trendyblends ice cream machine 2016


Trendyblends: quality real fruit ice cream machines: reliable, durable, with sensible pricing. Our machines are the best value for money so you can start turning a great profit faster. With Trendyblends machines make naturally delicious real fruit ice cream and attract more customers.

Real Fruit Ice Cream – just 4 easy steps: add two scoops of ice cream or frozen yogurt, 30 grams/ounce of frozen fruit, blend and serve.

Trendyblends machines: uses less power. With an electrical rating of only 750 watts allowing you to use more than one machine, blenders, milkshake machines etc. All on a normal power system.

The cyclone self-cleaning feature is cleverly designed to use water efficiently to clean the mixing cone and auger between uses or whenever required. At the end of the day you can dismantle by hand in about a minute to fully clean.

Trendyblends ice cream machine 2016

  • Real Fruit Ice Cream – in 4 easy steps.
  • Self-cleaning feature - Clean as you use. Easy clean.
  • Environmentally friendly: power and water efficient.
  • Durable: all stainless steel construction, easy clean surfaces.

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Naturally delicious real-fruit ice-creams

Real Fruit Ice Cream: No artificial flavours, added sugars or coloring. Just natural ice cream or frozen yogurt, and the natural flavour burst of real fruit and berries. Real fruit with ice cream, blended into a delicious healthier treat.
Real fruit Ice cream is becoming popular over the world. As people are making more healthier life style choices, there is now more focus on healthy treats adults can enjoy and that kids love too. Calorie conscious people love the real fruit low fat frozen yogurt option.
Trendyblends is a more reliable, less expensive real fruit ice cream blender, that mixes frozen berries and fruit effortlessly, bringing a smile on the faces of your customers.
Trendyblend´s real fruit ice cream machine options:

  • Simple: use a vanilla ice cream or alternatively popular frozen yogurt.
  • Healthy: use frozen fruits like blueberry, boysenberry, strawberry, cranberry etc.
  • Exotic: you can use exotic fruits like kiwifruit, pineapple or mango.
  • Be creative: add in chocolate, cookies, hokey pokey, coffee... to spice up your menu.
Trendyblends ice cream machine 2016