Trendyblends about ice cream machine


NZ´s best value real fruit ice cream blender.
Trendyblends real fruit ice cream machine is made of all stainless steel construction so that it is not only stronger but also more hygienic than plastic. Our auger is solid stainless, and we have been able to keep the design and electronics simple and efficient to increase durability and lower the cost. Trendyblends gives you a more reliable and cost effective solution than our competitors giving you more profit and less ongoing costs.

The story of Trendyblends in NZ

After noticing the trend towards healthier treats years ago, we tried several real fruit ice cream machines from around the world. Trendyblends proved for us to be the most reliable and of the highest quality, yet simple and affordable. Knowing this high quality real fruit ice cream machine would be a real asset to others, we became the sole distributor for the Trendyblends´ machines in NZ.
If you would like to start a real fruit ice cream business in New Zealand or add real fruit ice cream to your current offerings, choose Trendyblends. With our low cost, reliability and after sales service this will allow you to see a return on your investment more quickly and returning more profit to your business.

Best Value

Along with better pricing and reliability we have packed in more features. You will love the self-cleaning cyclone water feature as well as the splash guard and drain tray. Moreover, its disassembling for further cleaning doesn´t require any tools. Our machines cost between around 50-70% less than our competitors which allows you to make more profit more quickly.


Warranty on motor and electronics.
Full range of replacement parts: available to you in 2 business days, you won´t have to wait for weeks for them to arrive. Because our design is simpler you won´t need them as much to begin with.

We pride ourselves with an after sales service: We want your business to succeed just like our other customers have. We are happy to help you with suppliers, menus and advise you based on our experience: our staff use Trendyblends machines on a daily basis with which we have sold tens of thousands of Real Fruit Ice Cream.

Real Fruit Ice Cream

Real Fruit Ice Cream really is the way to go. With the current "Healthy, Feel Good and Look Good" trend, people are looking for conscious options even for their treats. You can even choose to provide organic fruits and ice cream or frozen yogurt, as well as lower sugar and lower fat options. The Trendyblends Real Fruit Ice Cream Machine enables you to complement your range with smoothies using our handy smoothies attachment.